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Better late than never

Title: The Dress
Author: Hugh Milligan
Notes: Okay, it's 160 words, and some of the stimuli (a laundromat, a vase, lime green) are a little vague, but I'm still getting the hang of this drabble thing, okay?

She can't remember when she bought the dress. She only remembers that it somehow reminded her of her mother and she liked the colour. Green. Her favourite colour.

She loves the dress because it cares for her. Through a lifetime of hurt and betrayal the dress has remained a constant, a lover and a friend. She loves the dress because she is never disappointed by its silence or suffocated by its embrace.

She hates the dress because it forgets her. While she is marked indelibly by every sadness, the dress can be washed when it is stained, mended when it is torn. The dress is fabric, malleable and free, and she is brittle hollow porcelain. She hates the dress because it is catharsis and she is remorse.

She loves the dress because it needs her and she hates the dress because she needs it.

She wishes she could burn it, but she knows she will be buried in it.
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