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drabble war
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D R A B B L E ♥

A 'drabble' is a 100 word piece of fictional writing - from a very short story to a character sketch; any sort of fictional writing except poetry or song lyrics.

The aim of this community is to cure excessive online boredom - pick a challenge and incorporate the prompt/s into your writing and post it. Post challenges! Got crazy Broadway style!

A D M I N S H I T ♥

Yeah, just to keep organization sane - it's very simple. When posting a challenge, simply type "challenge" into the tags box. If you're posting a drabble, simply type your livejournal username into the tags box.

Please keep all drabbles under lj-cuts - <*lj-cut text*="Title of cut here">Drabble here<*/lj-cut> (just take out the *)