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Character Building

Here ya go chillins!

Title: Character Building
Author: Hugh Milligan
Stimuli: Fury, peach, spork
Notes: Okay, this one is 121 words. I'm getting closer, see? Oh, and Mr Green is our soulless and conservative headmaster, for you non-NGSers out there.

Mr Green stood and turned to face the occupants of the school bus as it turned off the dirt road and into a small clearing surrounded by woodlands.

"Okay. Once you depart the bus, you will be led into the woods and then left to orienteer yourselves back to the campsite twenty kilometres away. Remember that you are allowed no supplies other than the peach and the spork that each of you has been given. Any questions?"

"Is this legal?"

"Don't ask such ridiculous questions - you should all be grateful for such a character building experience."

This answer, however, proved to be woefully inadequate, as Mr Green was pelted with peaches and one particularly zealous student sporked him in the eye.

Okay, gimme another stimulus. Sorry, Andrew, but I really can't think of any way to work in David Hasselhoff's lavish apartment. Well, maybe I can, but I'll need to think it over some more.
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:giggles: Ahhh, perfect. Utterly perfect. One thing: friends-lock this because it mentions Mr Green - you never know what he googles in the privacy of his own office. :D
If he's anything like Millar (HVGS headmaster) he reads his students' livejournals as a hobby. And then rings the students at their house and demands they take the totally non-offensive pictures down.

Only the IT department knows about ours, and we've come to an agreement. :evilgrin:
"so why’s it ‘spork’, people? it's like a spoon and a fork, but then people’s sayin’ splayd, y'hear me? c'mon, i'm funny right…i am!...” *sobs*

sam murray was a sad, disappointed stand-up comedian - yet all his life, people had praised him for his charm and dazzling wit. yes, they were imaginary people, but still, the quiet, sizzling fury of his unappreciative audience burned like a thousand lashes upon his peach-fuzzed posterior. at least he still had that fine posterior, and his large moon-like skull to complete the "sam package." one day his immense ego would be justified. one day...

oooh yeah, one hundred perfect words. add me to this shit, yo!