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Title: Girls Kick Ass (Says So On A T-Shirt)
Author: lexie_b
Prompt: annabelloni's: "kick ass 'tude", bubblegum purple and a stapler.
Word Count: 100 words.
Notes: So even though I still have 26 fics to write and have two due by tomorrow and haven't started them, I wrote this. Aww. It's not even remotely humourous.

She needed a weapon. She hunched behind the packing crates in the corner of the lavishly decorated office, and cursed her bubble-gum purple hair; it glowed like a beacon.

She grabbed the stapler off the desk, slammed her shoulder into the door and tumbled into the hallway. Before the guards could pull out their guns, the stapler met their temples with a sickening crunch.

With a smile, she picked up the handgun. “You won’t mind if I borrow this, will you?” she cooed, tossing the stapler over her shoulder, where it landed in the fish-tank with a loud crash.
Tags: lexie_b
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